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Concept & Vision


Food is local. Food is culture. Explore local food culture experiences around the world (starting in Japan).

Foodies Go Local is a digital media and meeting place that provides valuable information and insights based on the ingredients of each local dish and culinary tours and activities around the world starting with ones in Japan. Let’s experience and enjoy lovely cuisine and dishes based on local ingredients in addition to local cultural experiences.

Starting in Japan, we have one directly owned and operated cooking school located in the Tsukiji Fish Market of Tokyo in addition to a network of more than 2,000 local cooking schools that offer all types of local food with locally sourced ingredients all over Japan. We select and develop the highest-quality tours and activities, such as cooking classes.

The keywords are as follows:


We pursue each local food and its ingredients; in other words, we aim to create and foster a media platform that connects local food producers and local food consumers (foodies).


Everything having to do with food—capture, cultivation, preparation, and consumption through every season—represents a cultural act. You can learn and experience it through our online media platform.

The concept of Foodies Go Local is based on the following:

Deliciousness: Eating Seasonal Ingredients

The use of seasonal ingredients in food has long been valued in Japan. Shun (旬) refers to the time of year when a given ingredient is at its freshest and most flavorful. Also, shun ingredients change with the season, and we are able to enjoy them every year during their peak without ever growing tired of them.

Tradition: “The Tongue Takes Three Generations”

The expression, “the tongue takes three generations” (shita ha sandai, 舌は3代), has been used since the olden days in Japan. It refers to the idea that it requires three generations in order to cultivate the “tongue”; in other words, a palate that can perceive delicious food is something that is inherited through accumulated experiences shared via the cooking of one’s parents and grandparents. Also, it is connected to a responsibility to cultivate the palates of the next generation by sharing this experience with them from early on. In other words, we will provide information and a place where people can leave their culinary experiences utilizing respective local ingredients from around the world as a family for the next generation.

Health: The Accumulation of “Eating Healthy, Living Healthy”

In China, there has long been the idea that “food is medicine”, and in Japan, this concept is referred to as ishoku dougen (医食同源, “eat healthy, live healthy”). It is the notion that by eating ingredients that are good for the body on a daily basis and maintaining one’s health, it is possible to prevent illness before it occurs and treat it if it does occur. How, then, can one eat healthy ingredients? Through a medium that provides information on dietary customs such as obtaining local ingredients from each respective community, experiencing them, and learning how to utilize and bring them back home to prepare meals, we aim to firmly entrench such customs in people’s experiences and daily behavior.