Experiential Tours: Exclusive Kyoto

July 28, 2016  By FGL Editorial Board

FGL Experiential Tours Exclusive Kyoto

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This tour is perfect for those looking to  learn about Kyoto food culture and enjoy Kyoto traditional cuisine.


Day 1:

10:30                     Depart from Kyoto JR station


11:00-12:00        Nijo Castle Private Tour


12:30-13:10         Lunch at Isobe Restaurant


13:20 -13:50        Kenninji Temple Private Tour


14:00 -15:00        Experience private Zen meditation at Kodaiji Temple Senshinryo


15:05-16:40          Kodaiji Temple exclusive private Tour


16:50-17:00         Kodaiji Sho Museum private Tour


17:10-18:10          Experience an exclusive private tea ceremony – Buke Sado – as it was performed within Samurai households


18:30 -19:30        Traditional Japanese Dinner at the Senshinryō of Kodaiji Temple


19:30 –                   Return to Hotel

Day 2:

8:00                         Exclusive private Tour of Mitera – Sennyuji Temple Honbo ( living quarters of the chief priest )


8:20-9:00              Experience a Shojin – Buddhist vegetarian breakfast – at Myo-Oden in Honbo



9:10-9:30                Exclusive private Tour of Mirera-Sennyuji Temple Buddhist Sanctum and meet Yang Guifei: the Goddess of Mercy


9:40-10:00             Enjoy an exclusive private tea ceremony at Unryu-in (branch of Mitera Senyuji Temple )


10:00-10:30           Experience an exclusive Sutra hand writing session (Shakyo practice) at Unryu-In

About this tour

Number of Participants

Minimum 1, maximum 8


Times Available

Monday through  Friday


Languages Available

English or Japanese

Tour Video

About Kyoto tour:

Kodaiji Temple:

Sennyuji Temple:


What is Shojin-Ryori?:




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